Download .NET Framework 4.5!

Archiver preview image
The archiver is for personally archiving 4chan threads. See a thread full of wallpapers you like? You can choose to download them all, and then keep the thread on a watchlist. You're able to download just the images, or the entire thread (includes the page, all posts, scripts, and favicon, so you can view the whole thing offline). When you add threads to the list, it makes a "threads.txt" file in the save directory (Default shown in preview image, but you can change it to wherever you want) that contains the information to reload all of the threads exactly how you left it if you close the program. It also keeps a log file in the running directory so you can diagnose any problems, and keep track of events. You can use a "custom.ico" icon file in the running directory to make your own icon appear in the titlebar and the tray icon.
There are two different versions of this program, one that contains a tray icon, and one that doesn't. If you are not running Windows, you can still use this program with Mono, just grab the "No Notify" release.
This program does not contain an auto updater, as I suspect that unless 4chan changes their url pattern again, I won't need to make any changes to the code. Have fun!
Regular: Download .exe or Download .rar
No Notify: Download .exe or Download .rar

Downloads: EXE: 1556, RAR: 1511.
NoNotify: EXE: 1558, RAR: 1512.